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Unbelievable nature, beautiful rivers, breathtaking lakes, rocky mountains, traditional architecture, unique stone bridges, incredible gorges, ancient monasteries, old churches, the national park, newly built boutique hotels & guesthouses, authentic Greek cuisine, adventure activities, VIP services are only a few reasons why you should plan your event in Zagorohoria. All can be found in one place!
A trip to Zagorohoria immerses visitors in the blissful relaxation of simple village life. The tiny towns are chock-a-block with cobblestone roads and slate-tiled rooftops that give the area a picture-book atmosphere. Also home to Vikos Gorge, the deepest canyon in the world, Zagorohoria provides opportunities for nature enthusiasts to hike around rough-riding rivers, stark peaks, and dark caves. These natural treasures, in addition to the surrounding Vikos-Aoös National Park, entice all who venture out here with gorgeous scenery and unbeatable sites. While hiking and trekking are the major tourist attractions of the area, the romantic draw of traveling back in time and exploring the traditional villages is enough of a reason to go.