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One of the few Aegean islands that has everything a Greek island should have: nice beaches, taverns and bars, but has not been too adjusted to tourism. The reason is that it is the administrative centre of the Cyclades, so the economy is doing well enough for people not to be too involved in the tourim field.

Half of the population is Catholic. Despite the fact that the island is very harsh, people grow vegetables, make wine and breed animals. They also build ships and make cloth, the shipyards of Syros is one of the most important factors that help the economy of the island. Syros is also famous for its loukoumia (the delight sweets) that are exported to many countries. The capital Ermoupolis, is pretty with many neoclassic buildings situated in an amphitheatrically way. The Apollo Theatre in Ermoupoli is a mini copy of La Scala in Milan. The town also has very interesting churches, for example Agios Demetrius, Treis Hierarches , Agios Nikolaos etc.There is also an archaeological museum as well as an interesting library.