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Spetses, is part of the Argosaronic islands (with Hydra, Aegina and Poros) and lies at the entrance of the Argolic Gulf, since it is the southernmost island of the group. Its actual name is a derivation from "Isola de Spezzie", the Island of Fragrance, a name given by the Venetian because of the many herbs growing on the mountains of the island. It is a cosmopolitan and stately island. Spetses was one of the first Greek islands to attract waves of tourists, the island offers visitors beautiful beaches, picturesque bays, interesting archaeological and other tourist facilities. It is one of the popular destinations for weekends and holidays all year round.The island excites the visitor with its lush pine - forested landscapes and crystal waters. The historic character of Spetses is apparent everywhere. It should be noted that the traffic is limited but not prohibited and that the island moves us with horses, mules, donkeys and boats by sea. Spetses island has everything for a perfect holiday. It offers accommodations and hotels for every budget, many wonderful beaches, a vibrant nightlife mainly at the old port , various restaurants, bars and cafes, famous not only for its nature but also for its typical architecture with traditional white washed houses of different styles ranging from the 17th to the 20th century, neoclassical villas, beautiful churches and monasteries.