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Monemvasia is a medieval fortress with a small adjacent town and derived its name because the castle had only one entrance. It is located on the southeast Peloponnese in the prefecture of Lakonia. This perfect fortress is an iceberg like slab of rock moored off the coast, with sheer cliffs rising hundreds of feet from the sea, and a single highly defendable causeway.
Today the causeway links the mainland town of Yefira/New Monemvasia to Monemvasia or Kastro (castle). The Kastro is divided into a lower and an upper town. Many ruins of the original 800 houses and only four out of the original forty churches can be found in the lower town. Among them is the Church of the Elkomenos Christ (Christ Dragged), which is named after a famous icon of Christ given in 1700 to the church by Andreas Likinios, philosopher and chief physician to the ruler of Moldavia, Dimitirs Kandimir.
In the summer Monemvasia, 99km southeast of Sparta, brims with visitors, but the extraordinary visual impact of the medieval town – and the delights of exploring it – override the effects of mass tourism. There are many excellent guesthouses on the rock, surely one of the most atmospheric places to stay in Greece, (and there aren't that many places in the world where you get the chance to sleep on a World Heritage–listed site).